Experimental animation with Anna, Ben, Sarah and bottles of alcohol

did i forget to mention empty bottles of alcohol
Two weeks ago suddenly we were told that we had experimental animation and students from R.C.A. have come to campus to take the course. The course was pretty relaxed and different for us. Initially we had small assignments with any object of our choice. I took a bottle and a clip(to dry clothes).
As usual i was trying to build a narrative with these objects and I had the whole video figured out in my mind.
But having a few conversations with Ben and a few discussions with the three of them I decided to something abstract. Which was challenging for me. So i put up the setup in my room, borrowed Emil's collection of bottles and started the shoot.

but still I had a basic narrative in my mind. Half way through I showed them my work, in the feedback they suggested that I need not reveal the form of the bottles.
At this point it became even difficult for me cause I was still looking for a narrative and form.
So the next day morning i started editing with keep a basic narrative and was getting disturbed by slight things around me. (like someone walking in the corridor, pages of book etc.) So then it dawned to me that I could illustrate my day. So i continued the editing in the after noon and then at night. I tried to bring my feeling, my emotions, my activities(sleeping, chilling, watching a movie etc) through through the visuals.

they liked my work but as usual Sekhar showed no interest in my work. We were also lucky to R.L. Mistry to attend our presentation. Thanks to Anna, Ben and Sarah. Now i even understand abstract films.(up to some extent)