light, camera and action!!

i must say i was really embarrassing to see myself act on screen. was it embarrassing??
maybe it just fell different cause I had not seen myself acting before, it was a strange experience.
atul and i attended a acting workshop held in college.
he saw me acting there and believed i was suitable for his film. (dint know then it was a depressing role). I accepted the role the moment he asked me. din know how difficult it would be for me.
a week later the shoot started.
he kept asking me to to exaggerate my emotions i din understand why he saying that till I actually saw my self in the footage, it was like i had a blank face throughout the film.
so when I felt i was expressing an emotion people could actually just see a blank face like that of a zombie. from then i started making a deliberate effort to express my self (not only in my film).
acting in front of the camera actually helped me to open myself to myself.
and wen its working with atul its different, he is very hard working.
after the shoot was over i saw the rushes and was very sure that i messed up atul's film. i believe his film demanded a professional actor.
the shoot was done in Jan and the film released on the 11th of this month(july). It happened to be Prashasti's birthday(it was the most hilarious birthday gift i have given her).
after seeing the film i must say atul genuinely has true qualities of a film maker. In spite of the bad acting I did he managed to edit the film and emote the appropriate emotions as the story demanded.
however embarrassing the day of the screening was, I had a lot to take from the whole FILM MAKING experience..
thanks to Atul Badole