gujrat TravelLog

we rode1700 kms along the vast landscapes of gujrat. undoubtedly a journey will never forget. I don't know what it meant for Apurv but for me it was a lot time to think, remember, decide, choose and most important to talk to myself. a break i needed after the series of unfortunate events that happened around me.
i personally do not like Gujrat so much, and my mind has not changed a lot after this trip.
we did not take many photos because we were so engrossed in our selves and feasting our minds the different things we were experiencing.
our final stop being Nal Sarovar was like cherry on top, maybe because of torture that our butts were going through, a ride in the boat loosened it all. i was not so keen on going there at first, but i would have regretted it(like kalsubai).
the route and the photos