happy dwali

wishing you a very happy diwali.

i am extremely sorry for the delay. if i mentioned the reason i know it I won't be forgiven.
EVIL FREELANCE. i had already decided that i would not take any freelances till i finish my education but this one was for my relative. 
I made this animation not only to wish all of you a warm and happy Diwali but also to exploit my new cintiq. yes this is the first animation started on the my cintiq (and the freelance is the first completed  on my cintiq) . though you may see that this one was done haphazardly, which was not panned, but i still got back and finished it.
So now it is on your table without seasoning and garnishing (post-production and compositing)  just raw animation done on photoshop. 


  1. Mhahahaha!! You have given in to the evil freelance!!! *points and gags*


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