Wishing letters

 A letter that was written for a close friend, Piyush. But forgot to give him. And also did not give him cause there were spelling mistakes.

Took me 3 attempts to complete it. But still the whole letter is not consistent .

The first attempt(below) looked good but the nib got damaged. So had to try again.


I made the drafts with a thinner nib which stills looks better than the final one.
Obviously this attempt was a result of my latest interest in Calligraphy.
A week ago I started understanding alphabets by trying to write in different ways with flat nib pens.


After a day of practice I thought I Should do devnagri fonts also simultaneously.
After every letter I practiced, I started writing sentences. Tried to understand the letter in a word.

Made a few notes of my understandings.

This is what I have written the first time the calligraphy pen came to my hand.(right and below)

An exploration with different styles in it.