rejected BUG

When i 'just arrived' at MTV, the first assignment was to help my friend from college ; arushi on a banner for the 'just arrived' segment on TV. 
This project was assigned to a free-lancer who fucked up big time.(I won't mention his name on the internet but I can say that he a gujju kid from NID, whose name rhymes with 'pulp') So basically we were just cleaning up that animator's mess. Doing that was getting on our nerves.
After we finished that we were informed that we were suppose to make a 'BUG' for the same. 
(The animation that comes at the bottom when the show is going on) So I came up with this piece of animation. Which was immediately rejected for being 'TOO SIMPLE'.
Currently you will see a bug made by Arushi on TV. It has the MTVness in it.