Moonlight 1.6 (end of chapter one)

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"Sitting in the dark for long he thought that he would get used to it. But nothing like that happened. He seldom noticed his own hands. The only light that came in was from the entrance of the barrack. 
He came down here to clear his mind and figure things out. He got more solitude than he had expected. 
Seldom the sound of silence would be interrupted with distant rustling of the leaves in the wind.
But nobody or nothing came down here from the jungle outside. It was as if it was a different world in itself. A world of complete darkness.
Then he heard a sharp echoing sound of small falling. Bouncing , coming down the staircase.The echoing sound reduced as the object came closer, towards him, down in this dark hole, down towards this different world. The object seemed to glowing, Or maybe because of the darkness down there he thought it was glowing. It was round like a marble. He could not be sure if it was glowing, Or it only seemed to him because the marble came from the outside. The outside world. It did seem like an alien object. It appeared perfectly round but the coarse texture could be felt on his fingers. 
Before he could ask himself where it came from. He felt the presence of someone else. A movement of silhouette from the corner of his eyes.
'Could there be someone out there?' he asked himself. Or was it an animal or a creature ?"

end of chapter one

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