Moonlight 2.1

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' Coming out of the cave was like coming back to a different world , the real world. Color burned , every thing took a moment to take shape and color. Nothing had changed in 2 days. Everything was just the same. But only he had noticed someone's presence. ' Someone was here !' he said to himself.  
He looked around and noticed a piece of cloth in  behind the bush. 'was it there before ?'
had I not seen it ? '
As he walked closer he noticed there was someone there. Silent as a rock sitting in the  bushes.
 There was a man in the costume of a monkey, like those you see in the travelling fares. Well you can't actually call it a costume. It was just a mask on his face and he was wearing a Dhoti below. He was sitting patiently meditating on a rock. For a moment panic ran through him as saw the monkey... the man ...  the monkey man. but he thought that this must be his regular meditating place or chilling place or whatever. For all that mattered now he was not alone. Unsure if that is good or a bad thing.
 The monkey man noticed his presence and oped his eyes.From is gaze it seemed that he had noticed his presence all along. There was something strange about the monkey man. But there is always something strange about these god-men. The monkey man exclaimed in quite a poetic tone, without any surprise
"Ah haan ! you have come out. I just thought I should wait in the shade while you were in the cave. I was worried that I was late but I think I came just in time." then the monkey man relaxed himself and continued  "not very fond of waiting myself and hence I try not make others wait." 
you could not see the monkey man talk because of the mask. So it was difficult to guess his emotions.
" Waiting? " he said in surprise , "Waiting for me ? Who are you ?"
The monkey man knits his eye brow and says  "Weren't you expecting me?" '

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