Monster in Paris

Unplanned vacation, I really did not need this vacation. I was just picking up momentum with work and ideas.
But for some things need to be done and even you don't know why. But personally I don't want to know.  It is best when you go without expecting anything. 
I found a monster. This obviously leads to the tale of me confronting it and overcoming the monster.But thats not what happens in real life. The true strength of the monster can measured by the consistency of evil it can do irrespectively to the environment or stimulus. The pain that a monster can cause does not scratch the surface, it finds the innermost fragile part of you and tears it apart. At this point you dont need anyone from outside to destroy you. You will tear yourself apart. Now wanting to overcome this like amputing parts of yourself and ignoring the fact that the monster is stronger than. Strength like that could come handy. 
In Paris I saw a monster.